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Partnership will boost coil optimisation

Burr-Oak-OTSUSA: Burr Oak Tool has partnered with Optimized Thermal Systems, a company providing  specialised consulting and software development in the energy conversion industry.

Described as a leader in groundbreaking research, experimentation and development within the hvac and refrigeration industries, Optimized Thermal Systems (OTS) was recognised by Burr Oak as the ideal choice for analysing and testing new and innovative heat exchanger designs as well as comprehensive system configurations.

Burr Oak Tool designs customised production machinery for the heat transfer and tube processing industries. OAK machines are installed and successfully operating in over 70 countries.

Explaining the reasons behind the partnership, a company spokesperson said: “Historically Burr Oak Tool, given its lengthy tenure in hvac equipment manufacturing, has been asked by many OEM’s for input on optimising their coil efficiency/effectiveness. Because of this consistent request of our customers, we wanted to broaden our value proposition to our customers, by connecting them with a partner in the industry that is capable of in-depth analysis in system design and optimisation.

“Burr Oak Tool continues to strive to be regarded as second to none by our customers and this is another way in which we are striving to work with other world-class organisations in our industry to accomplish that.”

The partnership will see the two companies principally working closely to optimise coils – OTS on the design-side and Burr Oak Tool on the production-side. Burr Oak Tool will use OTS as a go-to partner for all requests made of Burr Oak Tool to optimise heat transfer fin/coil design/modelling.

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