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Pre-charged equipment FAQs

EUROPE: Contractors’ group AREA has produced a document explaining the legal responsibilities of those buying or selling pre-charged equipment under the European F-gas regulations.

Pre-charged air conditioning equipment (split systems) must be installed by a certified company. This obligation, that already existed under the old F-gas regulation 842/2006, has been reinforced by the new F-gas Regulation 517/2014, which sets some requirements related to the sale of pre-charged equipment.

Article 11(5) of the latest regulation provides that “non-hermetically sealed equipment charged with fluorinated greenhouse gases shall only be sold to the end user where evidence is provided that the installation is to be carried out by [a certified] undertaking.

Through nine questions, this FAQ document provides practical explanations as to how the requirements are to be fulfilled.

The document is free to view and download here.

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