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Reflok re-opened for business

Reflok-logoUSA: Mechanical fittings company Reflok has reopened for business following a management and organisational restructuring.

Reflok and its UK-based European subsidiary Reflok Europe closed down in April but, after what the company describes as a pause in production, the US business based in Boisie, Idaho, has re-opened to a limited number of distributors.

“During this period we were able to evaluate a number of our personnel, processes and procedures, and to make significant changes which are critically important in moving the company forward,” said Reflok CEO Michael Bloom. “With the new team in place, Reflok is now a more focused company better positioned for significant growth,” he added.

Refali Ltd, the air conditioning and refrigeration contracting business based in Gloucestershire, UK, will now serve as Reflok’s international sales agent. Refali is principally owned by original Reflok founder Jon Shipman, who has served as an engineer, inventor, and distributor of goods and services for the commercial refrigeration and HVAC industries for over 30 years.

The US company has also been bolstered by the appointment of Ron Selle as general manager. Selle spent 20 years at Hewlett Packard and ten years at other engineering companies where he was responsible for establishing world class manufacturing operations and successful supply chain management systems.

Also joining the company as director of research and product development is John Youngsman, a former research scientist in the Micron School of Material Science and Engineering at Boise State. He is joined by Jenny Buckallew as director of finance, accounting and administration.

“With the new management team in place, Reflok will begin re-activating more members of its distributor network,” said Michael Bloom.

“Reflok will be announcing its active distributors as they return on-­line in the coming weeks and months.”

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