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Refrigerant producers back illegal refrigerant report

BELGIUM: The refrigerant manufacturers and suppliers have welcomed the recent report by environmental group the EIA for raising awareness of the issue of illegal HFC imports into the EU. 

The Doors Wide Open report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) documented the escalation of illegal HFC trade since the imposition of the European HFC phase down, with 2018 witnessing a deluge of illegal HFC use and trade throughout the EU.

Manufacturers group the European Fluorocarbons Technical Committee (EFCTC) said that the report complemented its own work in raising awareness on the issue and its consequences.

“Illegal trade of HFCs is a critical issue that has important environmental, safety and economic consequences which impacts the implementation of the F-gas regulation and market stability in Europe,” stated EFCTC chairman Nick Campbell.

“The European Union is leading the global phase-down of HFCs and must maintain this lead and demonstrate to other countries that the actions it is taking are compatible with maintaining the health and social benefits provided by refrigeration, air conditioning and insulation industries. Clearly, illegal imports of HFCs undermine this goal.”

The Cooling Post first highlighted the problem of illegal refrigerant in March last year and has since continued to monitor a black market which could account for as much as 20% of Europe’s current quota

EFCTC says that it expects its recently launched Action Line, enabling everyone to report suspect activity, will produce leads that will create a more detailed picture of the illegal HFCs supply chain, which can be shared with the EU/national authorities.

“Much remains to be done to increase the awareness on the consequences on the illegal trade in the user community, for example automotive air conditioning workshops, small-medium size retailers,” Campbell added.

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