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Refrigerant Week webinar topics announced

DENMARK: Danfoss has released its timetable of webinars for its forthcoming 3rd Annual Refrigerant Week.

The Refrigerant Week, taking place from September 16-20, is designed to prepare installers – alongside resellers, wholesalers, operators and OEM engineers – to handle the accelerating pace of refrigerant transition.

The topics cover industrial, commercial and food refrigeration, as well as air conditioning. Danfoss promises content in many different languages.

The webinar topics and times now listed are: 

Global trends and drivers for cold chain technology 
September 17, 13.00 CET
Discussing the current trends and drivers for cold chain technology with examples of real-world implementation

Global trends on refrigerants and regulations
September 16
09.00 CET and 14.00 CET
An overview of HFC legislation and the main applications for new refrigerants. Advice from Danfoss experts

Handling A2L and A3 refrigerants: charging procedures and how to service
September 17
08:30 CET and 15.00 CET
Learn how to safely lower GWP in commercial refrigeration applications using A2L and A3 flammable refrigerants

Cool tools for transitioning to new refrigerants
September 18
08:30 CET and 15.00 CET
Learn about information and tools that can help you implement new refrigerants in retrofits and new installations

Leading-edge CO2 applications – advanced system optimisation
September 27
13.00 CET
An understanding of the benefits and operational challenges you’ll encounter when working with CO2 systems

Moving on from R404A in standalone and centralised systems: which refrigerants? What to adapt in the system?
September 19
08.00 CET and 14.00 CET
The main R404A replacements per application type as well as system design and product considerations

New system designs and architectures in supermarkets for lower-GWP refrigerants
September 17
09:30 CET
September 19
16.00 CET
An overview of refrigerant trends and regulations, available systems and solutions

An efficiency comparison of industrial refrigeration systems using low-GWP refrigerants
September 20
08.00 CET and 14.00 CET
Danfoss experts share their conclusions of an efficiency performance test.

Large industrial CO2 transcritical systems – the journey
September 20
09.30 CET and 15.30 CET
Reduce the NH3 charge in large industrial systems using different layouts

Refrigerant outlook in commercial air conditioning: timing, performance, product adjustments
September 26
14:30 CET

Further details and to book here.

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