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Refrigerated locker wins third award


ELockerFRANCE: A refrigerated locker has won the prestigious French Design Institute award, Janus de l’Industrie, for Epta France for the third consecutive year.

The E-Lockers are refrigerated lockers that can be installed along the route between people’s homes and workplaces, for example in stations or in company premises, to enable consumers to collect the fresh and frozen products they purchased on line from retailers’ websites.

This innovative solution is said to guarantee to conserve items for more than 24 hours and enables retailers to get even closer to their customers, while reducing their carbon footprint by eliminating home deliveries.

“A revolutionary solution we developed by integrating our expertise in commercial refrigeration with the skills of our new Pole for Digital Innovation,” is how Christian Le Gousse, general manager of Epta France describes the E-Locker.

“Specifically, it wasn’t just the design and production of the first refrigerated lockers that Epta dealt with in-house, as we also produced the dedicated software for the distance monitoring of the E-lockers (ordering of the products and verification that the lockers are functioning correctly), the communication screen on the E-lockers (for the collection process) and the interface program with the retailers’ websites,” he said.

“It is a complete system that makes as the ideal partner for retailers who are focused on a multi-channel approach in order to expand the potential of their businesses,” he added.

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