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Refrigeration to the rescue?


JAPAN: Refrigeration could come to the rescue of the Tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant which is still spewing contaminated water into the sea more than two years after the disaster.

Ground-freezing technology used in the building of dams and mines could be called upon to stem the seepage into the land and sea from the 300 tons of radiation contaminated water, which is pumped into the reactors every day in an effort to cool them.

Most of the water is recycled but a significant amount still seeps away despite an underground barrier built to try to prevent the contaminated groundwater from reaching the sea.

Now the Tokyo Electric Power Company responsible for the site is considering spending upwards of $400m to create and maintain what would be a mile long stretch of artificial frozen earth. According to the Japan Daily Press it would require 9.8MW of power to maintain.

Contrary to many reports in the Japanese press the technology has been tried and tested over more than 100 years. Freezing the ground as a means of providing temporary earth support and ground water control has been used in the mining industry and it is debatable whether either the famous Coulee and Hoover Dams would ever have been constructed without the use of ground freezing. In the case of the Coulee Dam, pipes were driven into the earth and fed by an ammonia/brine refrigeration system. Similar techniques are still used today.


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12th July 2024

Chinese HFC blends evaded anti-dumping duties

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12th July 2024

High temperature heat pump on R513A

EUROPE: Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new high temperature water-to-water heat pump using lower GWP refrigerant R513A.
11th July 2024

Danfoss opens new factory in Mexico

MEXICO: Danfoss has inaugurated a new 40,000m² compressor, sensor and heat exchanger manufacturing plant at its Monterrey campus.
11th July 2024

Belfield chairs FETA Training and Skills Group

UK: Manufacturers’ group FETA has appointed Wendy Belfield, of BEMS controls company InTandem Systems, as chair of its Training and Skills Group.
10th July 2024

Fridge achieves Peak performance

UK: A fridge sponsored by wholesaler Beijer Ref is aiming to raise £5,000 after completing the 100km Peak District Ultra Challenge strapped to the back of charity fundraiser Daniel Fairbrother.
10th July 2024

OCR scanning to speed HVAC spares identification

USA: Parts Town, the distributor of OEM parts for foodservice, HVAC parts and residential appliance equipment, has added visual search capabilities to its mobile app.