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Remeha opens largest Dutch heat pump factory

NETHERLANDS: Domestic and commercial heating company Remeha has officially opened what is claimed to be the largest heat pump factory in the Netherlands.

The new leased factory in Apeldoorn is expected to produce 50,000 hybrid heat pumps this year, with the potential to scale production to 140,000 units from next year. It will have a production staff of around 100 employees

Sales are focused mainly on the Dutch market, followed by Belgium and Germany. In the Netherlands, alone, the Dutch heat pump association, DHPA, predicts a growth of 60% to 170,000 units this year.

The company’s Elga Ace hybrid heat pump was previously produced in France. The relocation to the Netherlands is part of BDR Thermea’s previously announced expansion plans. 

“The opening of this factory will significantly help the availability of hybrid heat pumps in the Dutch market,” commented Remora MD Arthur van Schayk. “The housing market is very important, but we also want to expand our strong position as market leader in the field of sustainable heating solutions in non-residential construction, such as offices and other buildings without a residential function.”

Founded in 1935, Remeha is part of the BDR Thermea Group which includes the Baxi, De Dietrich Remeha, Brötje, Chappée and Baymak brands.

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