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Restrictions eased at Aermec factory

ITALY: Chiller manufacturer Aermec has been granted new authorisation from the Italian authorities to supply goods for a wide range of projects and continue manufacturing chillers for critical applications.

All air conditioning companies were instructed to close last month in a bid to combat the coronavirus (Covid-19). Restrictions have subsequently been revised and are currently in force until April 13. 

However, the Italian government is now planning to revive the economy and start easing some restrictions. Aermec and other selected firms will be able to continue operations by supplying specified products including those destined for critical applications.  

The Italian government has issued a list containing 97 categories, indicating which industries can receive products. These include medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, scientific research as well as IT and communications and many more.

Aermec is operating split teams at its factory near Verona, to prevent contamination and breaks are staggered to facilitate social distancing.

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