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Rik Van Leemput 1940-2021

BELGIUM: The Belgian refrigeration and air conditioning association Frixis is mourning the death of its honorary chairman Rik Van Leemput.

Following several years as vice-chairman, Van Leemput assumed the chairmanship of UBF-ACA, as Frixis was then known, in 2000. Even after his termination of office as chairman in 2006, he remained closely involved in the operation of Frixis.  

A former manager at Grencobel, the current Engie Axima Refrigeration, Frixis says that Van Leemput always tried to act from the point of view of the small installer.

A statement on the association’s website remembers him at Grencobel as a manager who grew his department strongly to more than 200 employees at the end of the 1990s. 

“Due to his soft but fair leadership style in which he regularly carried out site and studio visits, he came across as a father figure. He was always up to date with the ins and outs of his department and he was also able to follow up the bookkeeping well. In difficult situations, he was always there to support his employees, to personally visit the customer and to help look for a solution,” the statement notes.

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