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SME speech hits the right note

BELGIUM: A speech reflecting on the challenges and opportunities faced by small and medium-sized enterprises has been deemed the best from last year’s Eurovent Summit.

The five speeches presented at Eurovent’s Innovation/Hub event at September’s Eurovent Summit in Poland were subsequently uploaded to YouTube, with viewers being invited to vote on which one they considered the best.

The runaway winner was Guillermo Rosenberg, managing director of Spanish air conditioning manufacturer Hitecsa, pulling nearly 60% of the votes.

“I think that Guillermo Rosenberg very well reflects thoughts that many people in our European industry share concerning very large multinational companies increasingly challenging small and medium-sized players,” commented Morten Schmelzer, Eurovent’s business development and strategic relations director.

Many seem to fear a similar development as we are already facing in the US, with around five companies dominating most of the HVACR market. This seems to have touched many people, also considering the YouTube views and personal responses we have received.”

Guillermo Rosenberg polled 58.62% of the vote, followed by Anders Freyschuss of Camfil with 25.86% and William Pagani of EPTA with 13.79%.

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