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Software compares low GWP refrigerants

PM_Opteon_Webseite_ENG-2GERMANY: DuPont has created an updated version of its DuPrex 4.0 refrigerant comparison software to mark the sales launch of its new Opteon product range.

This free programme enables rapid and effective comparison of numerous refrigerants in different refrigeration circuits in order to identify the best possible alternative for a particular application. Up-to-the-minute, it also contains the new HFO-based refrigerant blends, such as (R513A), XP40 (R449A) and XP44 (R452A) together with the mildly flammable development products XL40 and XL41 which will be available in the near future.

XL40 and XL41 are the new brands for DuPont’s former development blends DR7 and DR5. XL41 is a development of DuPont’s R410A replacement blend DR5 based on R32 and R1234yf. XL40 is the new name for DuPont’s former development blend DR7, a replacement for R404A. With a GWP of around 250, it is a blend of 36% R32 and 64% R1234yf.

Refrigeration service providers and operators can also find general information about the new refrigerants Opteon XP10 (R513A), XP40 (R449A) and XP44 (R452A) on the web page. These refrigerants  are suitable for retrofitting various stationary or transport refrigeration applications in which many currently used refrigerants, such as R404A, are reaching the end of the road because of the European F-gases Regulation 517/2014. The new replacements have a particularly low GWP and allow simple conversion of existing systems, in many cases even with improved energy efficiency.

The web page also includes a directory of suppliers of Opteon products, a summary of the European F-gases Regulation 517/2014, product specifications, conversion guidelines and reports describing successfully completed pilot projects.

DuPrex 4.0 can be downloaded from

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