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Staying EPA 608 compliant

USA: Leak detection equipment manufacturer Bacharach has produced a free-to-download guide to EPA section 608 refrigerant compliance for US engineers.

The checklist details are designed to make it easy to assist those having responsibility for refrigerant compliance in food retail. The guideline – EPA 608 Refrigerant Compliance Checklist and Guidelines – reflects on the evolving changes coming to EPA 608 in January 2019.

“The purpose of the checklist is to help ensure that those responsible for refrigerant management are preparing now for the coming changes,” said Matt Collins, product marketing manager for Parasense Ltd. He continues, “Food retail operation teams, facility managers and equipment owners need to have this information all in one place. They need the details and enough time to ask questions and review the new requirements before implementing changes into their processes.”

The document can be viewed and downloaded here.

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