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Stolen R134a closes German autobahn

GERMANY: Police suspect that 90 cylinders of R134a that spilled onto the A4 autobahn near Dresden following an accident may have been stolen.

The accident on Tuesday morning involving a Mercedes Sprinter resulted in the temporary closure of the motorway between Nossen and Wilsdruff, west of Dresden, after some of the cylinders fell on the road.  

Police say the driver, a 28-year-old Polish national, could not provide a plausible explanation for the origin of the approximately 90 13.6kg cylinders. The police suspect some of the cylinders may have  came from a theft from a business in Bodenbacher Straße, Dresden Seidnitz. The thieves cut a hole in a fence and stole 18 cylinders of refrigerant with a total value of around €9,000.

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