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Swedish heat pump sales up 20% in Q1

SWEDEN: Sales of heat pumps in Sweden increased by 20% during the first quarter of 2023, according to the Swedish cooling and heat pump association Kyl & Värmepumpföreningen. 

Air-to-water heat pumps sales increased 40%, while ground source heat pumps sales were up 28%.

The major sales driver is still be assumed to be high energy prices and the energy transition from fossil fuels. “The trend is persistent and the demand for technical installations that can reduce energy use is still high,” commented the association’s CEO  Anders Mårtensson. “We also see our manufacturers gearing up and investing in both innovation and expanded production facilities,” he added.

“To meet the increasing demand, the industry needs to hire more skilled refrigeration and heat pump technicians. The supply of expertise will be a key issue for many years to come, not least when large parts of the property stock in Sweden are expected to need energy renovation in order to meet upcoming requirements in EU legislation.”

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