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Systemair backs Eurovent AHU summer label

SWEDEN: Systemair is to adopt Eurovent’s forthcoming “summer label” for its entire range of Eurovent-certified AHUs by June.

Eurovent’s new Energy Efficiency Classes for Summer Application (EECS) label for air handling units will accommodate warm weather conditions and acknowledge humidity recovery. The label will be made mandatory from September 2021. 

Systemair says it is fully prepared to provide the summer label for its entire range of Eurovent-certified AHUs. Customers will be given the option to print the extra label through the online selection tools by June.

While the Eurovent Certification energy label for AHUs has become a trusted reference point for the market, helping customers compare various brands, it is based on the conditions in the colder countries of Northern Europe. 

Jörn Doerk, technical product manager, AHU design and certification, Menerga, Systemair Group, explains that this is because many initiatives were largely driven by companies in Northern Europe, which were the first ones to highlight the need to look at opportunities for energy savings. 

“It was dismissive of the situation in areas with warmer climates and that is what we want to change and correct with the introduction of the summer label,” he said.

“The Eurovent summer label wants to strengthen the idea of energy saving in the context of hot weather situations,” said Andy Bijmans, Systemair’s development manager in the Netherlands. “As such, it has the added benefit of acknowledging humidity recovery in view of its important contribution to overall energy efficiency performance, which makes the label more advanced than the calculations for the winter label.”

The new label is said to give a realistic representation of the usefulness and necessity of a certain heat recovery efficiency in summer conditions, with the air resistance that this may cost at a certain fan efficiency.

The Eurovent Certification summer label utilises ASHRAE climate database to obtain realistic climate conditions. This ensures customers can get the most accurate energy calculation and assessment. Customers can select their location or the closest fixed city available to get the suitable options in the AHU configurators of Systemair and Menerga. The calculations have considered the temperature and humidity at the highest level, in view of its impact on the cooling rate.

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