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Tecumseh celebrates down Mexico way

Tecumseh-Mexico-AwardsMEXICO: Compressor manufacturer Tecumseh took the opportunity of AHR Expo-Mexico 2014 to honour and recognise its Mexican wholesalers.

Tecumseh made awards to more than 20 of its top wholesalers in Mexico at a customer reception orgainised as part of its 80th Anniversary celebrations.

Additionally, six authorised wholesalers were recognized for achieving substantial growth in sales of the Tecumseh product line over the last two years. The wholesalers that received Growth Achievement rewards were Totaline Carrier, Servipartes Trane, Refrigeracion Cuitlahuac, Gama Refacciones Y Servicos, Refrigeracion Y Partes Para Compressors and RNR Refrigeracion.

“Tecumseh is honored to work with some of the top wholesalers around the world and Mexico is no different,” said Bill Merritt, Tecumseh’s vice president of global sale and marketing. “We are pleased to recognise the outstanding sales growth these six have worked hard to achieve, as well as the important partnership that we have with all of our Mexico-based authorised wholesalers.”

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