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Tecumseh lists R449A as acceptable

DuPont-Opteon-XP40USA: Tecumseh has added R449A to its lower GWP recommended refrigerant substitutes for R404A in advance of the release of a new compatible line of compressors.

In statements made at yesterday’s AHR Expo, Tecumseh described its on-going tests on various low GWP options with the objective of determining suitable replacements for R404A and R134a.

Last year, the Ann Arbor, Michigan, based compressor manufacturer announced approval of R452A as a mid-term alternative to R404A in medium and low temperature commercial refrigeration. Seen as a mid-term alternative for medium and low temperature commercial refrigeration, R452A is being sold by Chemours as XP44 and has a GWP of 2140 – a little over half that of R404A.

R449A is another Chemours gas. Sold as Opteon XP40, it has a GWP of 1282 which is significantly lower than R404A. Honeywell’s lower GWP R404A alternative Solstice N40 – R448A – is still being reviewed by Tecumseh.

Remote condensing unit applications

Due to the higher discharge temperatures of R449A, Tecumseh insists on strict compliance with its relevant policy bulletins and application guidelines when using the gas in remote condensing unit applications.

Tecumseh also warns that the use of R452A in new remote condensing units is still under review by the US EPA and is, therefore, not approved in the USA as a replacement for R404A in these applications.

Self-contained/stand-alone equipment

As in condensing units, Tecumseh insists on strict compliance with guidelines when using R449A in self contained systems due to its higher discharge temperatures. In addition, users must take account of the temperature glide with both R449A and R452A.

Tecumseh points out that, specific to the United States, the use of R449A and R452A in new self-contained/stand-alone equipment is still under review by the US EPA and is not approved as a replacement for R404A in these applications. The exception is low temperature applications where the US EPA has listed R449A as SNAP approved.

For self-contained/stand-alone commercial refrigeration equipment with capacities less than ½hp, Tecumseh continues to support the use of R290 (propane) as the preferred choice. However, because R290 is an A3, highly flammable, refrigerant, charge limitations and safety requirements must be taken into consideration. 

Tecumseh has also approved R513A, sold by DuPont as Opteon XP10, as an acceptable alternative to R134a and is still reviewing R450A, Honeywell’s Solstice N13.

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