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Temperature Matters is WRefD theme

UK: This year’s World Refrigeration Day on June 26 takes the theme Temperature Matters, underscoring the impact of the industry beyond mere cooling and heating.

Coinciding with the bicentenary of the birth Lord Kelvin, the thermodynamics pioneer known for the absolute temperature scale, the theme also pays homage to his legacy. 

This year’s campaign will spotlight the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump industry’s broader contributions. It will highlight the sector’s role in maintaining food and medicine supply chains, effective and sustainable heating, and creating healthier, comfortable environments with cleaner air.

In addition, by exploring thermodynamics, WRefD 2024 will emphasise the importance of efficient temperature control in sustainable development, human comfort, and environmental protection amidst growing energy demands and climate change.

Announcing this year’s theme, Stephen Gill remarked, “Temperature control is crucial not only for comfort and health but also for preserving food, medicines, and industrial processes. Temperature can mean the difference between life and death; temperature matters – absolutely.

“This broad theme allows people worldwide to address local issues and target audiences. By focusing on a universal theme, WRefD 2024 aims to foster global recognition and discussion about the sector’s wide-ranging impact.”

Gill insists that the theme will also promote career opportunities in the HVACR sector, urging schools and colleges to explore diverse and impactful industry roles.

World Refrigeration Day was founded in 2019 as an international initiative that raises awareness of cooling’s benefits and inspires development and adoption of innovative and sustainable cooling solutions by the public, governments, industry, and practitioners for the wellbeing of future generations. Centred around June 26, the event is supported globally by industry, professional groups, scientific and engineering associations, as well as by governments and individuals.

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14th June 2024

Daikin polyvalent unit on R513A

BELGIUM: Daikin Europe is launching the new polyvalent cooling and heating unit for industrial and commercial applications. 
14th June 2024

EC seeks feedback on F-gas portal amendments

EUROPE: The European Commission is now seeking feedback on the amendments to the rules on registration for the F-gas portal as laid down in the new F-gas regulation.
14th June 2024

Amy Gittoes joins Climalife

UK: Amy Gittoes, the former commercial manager of the now defunct Hereford-based refrigeration company Arctic Circle, has joined Climalife UK.
14th June 2024

ECHA to consider PFAS impacts this year

FINLAND: European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) evaluations of the impact of fluorinated HFC/HFO refrigerants under proposed new European PFAS restrictions are expected to take place in November/December.
13th June 2024

Uzbekistan customs stop R22 equipment

UZBEKISTAN: Customs officers in the Uzbekistan capital Tashkent have stopped the importation of process chilling equipment running on banned ozone-depleting refrigerant R22.
13th June 2024

Varying refrigerant blends boosts HP flexibility

SWITZERLAND: Researchers have found that varying the composition of refrigerant mixtures can enable heat pumps to generate different temperatures from different heat sources, while increasing efficiency by up to 25%.