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The market for “naturals” in China

Shecco-China-guideBELGIUM: Market development company Shecco has published the first in-depth report on the “natural” refrigerants market in China.

The report, Guide to Natural Refrigerants in China – State of the Industry 2015, was compiled in collaboration with the Chinese Association of Refrigeration (CAR).

It is “natural” refrigerants company Shecco’s fifth such publication about a world region’s potential for “natural” refrigerants and the largest in terms of industry views captured in a country-wide survey.

The report present results from nearly 1,100 responses from the Chinese hvacr industry and also features a range of market maps showing the distribution of natural refrigerants across various sectors, as well as exclusive interviews.

The report indicates that the deployment of natural refrigerants in China is very much in its infancy but the potential is huge. Data collected from leading manufacturers indicate that so far there are around 34 CO2-based industrial refrigeration installations, eight CO2-based supermarkets in China and over 300 commercial CO2 heat pumps. In addition, there are around 750,000 HFC-free light commercial refrigeration units and a current capacity for the production of around 400,000 propane air conditioning units per year.

This latest guide will be followed by an updated guide to “natural” refrigerants in North America and a first look at the market in Japan. Shecco also promises a new guide to “natural” refrigerant training’. 

Guide to Natural Refrigerants in China – State of the Industry 2015 can be downloaded here.

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