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Training and standards head AREA manifesto

AREA-Vision-2020BELGIUM: AREA has placed the promotion of “non-obstructive” standards and the establishment of low GWP refrigerant training at the top of its list of priorities to 2020.

In its new document, Vision & Strategy 2020, the European contractors body puts forward its manifesto with six key objectives.

Top of the list is a desire to monitor EU regulatory developments and defend and promote the interests of air conditioning and refrigeration contractors.

“While regulation can be a tool to ensure a level playing field and impose minimum competence standards, it must not obstruct the performance or development of our sector,” it says.

AREA also repeats its call for high-level education, training and competence standards for low GWP refrigerants.

Recognising that the emergence of low GWP refrigerants poses safety challenges to air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump contractors, AREA sees it as its duty to establish minimum education and training requirements.

As well as continuing to promote its published minimum requirements for contractors’ training & certification, it is also involved in the REAL Alternatives training project.

The other key priorities include the promotion of energy efficiency as a key driver, the provision of guidance on technological developments to ensure up-to-date knowledge, foster an exchange of information and best practices and continued collaboration with other bodies at both industrial and institutional levels.

“These priorities will guide AREA’s activities in the years to come. AREA will mobilise its structure and its network to work on each objective through tangible contributions” says AREA president Per Jonasson.

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