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Trane seeks to grow business with KCC deal

USA: Trane has entered into an agreement with KCC Manufacturing, a leading US supplier of industrial dehumidification, energy recovery and atmospheric water generation systems for indoor agriculture and industrial applications.

The deal gives Trane exclusive access to KCC’s MSP products, which use wrap-around, small-plate heat exchangers to dehumidify grow room environments. These are said to offer 30-65% energy savings when compared to traditional dehumidification solutions.

Trane says the agreement will serve the needs of indoor agriculture markets in the US and Canada, with Trane offering a full suite of solutions for facilities growing vegetables, herbs and legalised, licensed cannabis.

The KCC products include high efficiency chilled water and DX air handlers providing airflow ranging from 4,000 to 12,00ft3/min. Models include both outdoor and indoor installation options.

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