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Trane to offer R454B refrigerant on scroll units

BELGIUM: Trane is set to offer its current portfolio of R410A chillers, heat pumps and rooftop units with the lower GWP A2L refrigerant R454B.

A pioneer in the use of lower-GWP refrigerants, Trane has previously released its entire portfolio of screw, high-speed centrifugal and centrifugal units with reduced GWP refrigerant alternatives such as R1234ze, R1233zd and R513A. 

Now, Trane is set to introduce R454B across its scroll compressor portfolio, including its Airfinity rooftops and Sintesis, Conquest and Flex2O chillers and heat pumps.

R454B is a Chemours refrigerant, marketed as Opteon XL41. An A2L lower flammability refrigerant, it is a blend of R32 and R1234yf with a GWP of 466.

According to Trane, R454B provides better cooling/heating capacity than R410A, and its R454B versions will be 1-5% more efficient than its legacy products.

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