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UNEP and U-3ARC in plan for Africa

FRANCE: UNEP OzonAction and U-3ARC, the African refrigeration and air conditioning association, has agreed to collaborate toward expanding and advancing technological awareness and best practices in Africa’s servicing sector.

A two-day meeting at the UNEP premises in Paris established a strategic relationship between both parties to address the key challenges facing the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors in Africa. Topics included knowledge about new refrigerants, safety considerations in handling flammable refrigerants, training and certification of servicing technicians, support to local technicians’ associations, and advancing women’s engagement in the sector across the continent.

U-3ARC was formed in 2020 and now represents all 54 African nations. U-3ARC also currently represents more than 20,000 formal and informal businesses with nearly 150,000 employees at the date of its creation.

African countries are among those already hit hardest by the growing consumption of high GWP refrigerants. To that end, the wise management and competent support to this sector in Africa are seen as crucial for meeting the compliance targets set by the Montreal Protocol and the Kigali Amendment.

UNEP OzonAction and U-3ARC, through their collaboration, aim to assist the National Ozone Units (NOUs) and National Associations in advancing the servicing sector in Africa by offering tools and opportunities to expand the engagement of the sector in Montreal Protocol businesses and foster the relationship between governments and the local associations. Both parties agreed to develop a joint work plan including designing programmes, tools, and co-organise technical events.

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