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UNEP to raise awareness of women in RAC

FRANCE: OzonAction, in cooperation with UN Women, is launching a global initiative to raise awareness of the opportunities available to women in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector.

OzonAction, a branch of the United Nations Environment Programme, believes that being aware of the experiences of women working in the RAC sector and the opportunities available can encourage and inspire other women to consider careers in this industry.

It is seeking short stories about women working in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, explaining their motivations, training and education, the challenges they may have faced, their experience and day to day details of their working lives and to recognise their successes.

Accepted submissions will be compiled into an official publication and made available to a broad range of stakeholders in the Montreal Protocol and RAC community. The authors of the two submissions adjudged to be the most relevant and interesting will be invited to attend an award ceremony and side event organised by UN Environment OzonAction at an international Montreal Protocol meeting.

Further information can be found here.

Completed entry forms with descriptions and photos should be received by 31 July 2018.

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