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United colours of A-Gas

UK: January is not the most colourful month but refrigerant supplier A-Gas has become the latest company to standardise the colour of its company logo.

A-gas logos
The familiar, and soon to be predominant magenta logo (left), with some of the other A-Gas logos that it will replace

Following last week’s announcement that Mitsubishi Electric was to ditch its blue logo in Japan for the more familiar worldwide red, Bristol-based A-Gas has revealed its intention to standardise on its magenta-colour logo. While UK readers will only associate A-Gas with its magenta logo, in other areas of the world A-Gas is differentiated by many different colours.

Having greatly expanded within the global refrigerant market in recent years, with great success, the company is now looking to unify its branding.

“Each region is currently identified by a different coloured logo which can be confusing and creates issues when new businesses are acquired,” says Hayley Russell, group marketing executive, A-Gas International.

Starting with A-Gas International, A-Gas Australia, South Africa, South East Asia, China and Thailand, the company will roll out the A-Gas magenta logo in a phased approach across the rest of the group.

“Adopting a single brand identity will clearly distinguish us from our competitors whilst creating a vibrant business culture,” adds Hayley Russell.

“We wanted an identity that would unify the company, improve our relationship with our customer base, facilitate better brand engagement and reflect the dynamics of our business, our expertise, innovation and modernity,” added the company’s international’s group chief executive Andrew Ambrose.

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