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US agencies to insist on low GWP refrigerants

23336203_sUSA: The US Defence Department, NASA and the General Services Administration are proposing to change their regulations to insist on the procurement of low GWP alternative refrigerants.

The proposed move, in response to president Obama’s Climate Action Plan and the recent proposals to delist certain high GWP refrigerants from the SNAP listing, would require an amendment to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

Under his Climate Action Plan, Obama directed his administration to purchase cleaner  alternatives to HFCs whenever feasible and transition over time to equipment that uses safer and more sustainable alternatives.

The proposed rule change would require contractors to reduce the amount of HFC emissions and substitute lower GWP alternatives, where feasible, as part of the normal  equipment maintenance and replacement process. It would also require contractors to report the amount of HFCs or HFC blends in the equipment and appliances delivered to the Government, as well as the amount of HFCs and HFC blends added or taken out of  equipment or appliances during maintenance, service, repair, or disposal.

Under the proposal, reporting is limited to equipment and appliances that normally contain 50lb or more of HFCs or HFC refrigerant blends.

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