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Useful guide for Indian engineers

GIZ Good Practices in Installation & Servicing of Room AC 2013 (HPMP India)-1
The GIZ Proklima document is a useful reference source

INDIA: GIZ Proklima, the German Society for International Co-operation, has produced a handbook for Indian technicians servicing room air conditioners.

While produced specifically to assist in training engineers in India as part of India’s attempts to phase-out R22 under the Montreal Protocol, this 96-page handbook could provide a useful basic reference guide for engineers everywhere.

The handbook explains in a simple and easy to understand manner, the principles of air-conditioning and how the refrigerants if vented into the atmosphere have an impact on the environment.

The right hand tools and equipment for the job and descriptions are listed and the book explains how quality materials like copper tubing form an important role in the proper functioning of the air-conditioners.

Correct installation practices are emphasised and maintenance procedures explained.

Potential alternatives to HCFCs are discussed along with recovery and recycling techniques.

The average consumption of R22 for servicing in India in 2009 and 2010 was 5,042 tonnes. This consumption is expected to exceed 10,000 tonnes this year.

Copies in English can be downloaded here. A Hindi version is also available here.

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