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Viessmann expands refrigeration business in Finland

FINLAND: The Finnish subsidiary of the German refrigeration manufacturer Viessmann has acquired the Finnish contracting businesses of Suomen Jääkylmä Oy and FCool Oy. 

Suomen Jääkylmä Oy is a company specialising in refrigeration contracts, design and installations of refrigeration cabinets, coldrooms and refrigeration systems and solutions, as well as maintenance operations. It offers comprehensive turnkey refrigeration services, especially in the regions of Southern and Western Finland. It operates from locations in Kerava and Turku. 

Founded in 2008, FCool Oy offers a full range of refrigeration solutions and services covering all areas of commercial refrigeration and cold storage construction. The company operates from Kuopio, in eastern Finland.

Finland is seen as a key market for Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions. It operates a factory in Porvoo and through its sales company Viessmann Kylmäjärjestelmät, the company has been growing its service and after-sales capabilities across Europe over the last five years. 

Viessmann Kylmäjärjestelmät Oy provides commercial refrigeration solutions for the Finnish market including customers in food retail, food services, food and beverage industry and health care. The sales company provides a full portfolio of refrigerated cabinets, cold rooms, refrigeration systems and turnkey solutions.

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