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VRF the key in Johnson/Hitachi deal

1387383996769USA: The head of Johnson Controls has revealed that Hitachi’s VRF was a major reason behind its 60% stake in the company’s global air conditioning business.

Speaking exclusively to Milwaukee Business Journal, Johnson’s chairman, president and ceo Alex Molinaroli (inset, right) said “It’s a very important technology and it’s the future of air conditioning. And it’s going to have a major place in the United States market so we needed that technology. For us to build that organically, it was too risky and it would have taken too much time to continue within that marketplace. The technology first was really important.”

The new joint venture announced in December, which is still awaiting regulatory clearance, will include VRF and inverter technologies supporting both the commercial and residential markets. In announcing the deal, the two companies said the joint venture would combine Johnson Controls’ global reach with Hitachi’s technology expertise.

Read the full interview in the Milwaukee Business Journal

Johnson Controls takes 60% of Hitachi ac – 3rd December 2013

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