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What does cold smell like?

SPAIN: Ever wondered what “cold” smells like? The Spanish subsidiary of Japanese air conditioning manufacturer Daikin thinks it has the answer.

Daikin maintains that for many years people have used different methods to refresh the senses, but nobody had ever previously managed to create an aroma that represented the cold. 

Based on its own experience and answers obtained through a survey carried out in Spain, the air conditioning manufacturer has come up with “the woody smell of Japanese cedar with touches of cinnamon and citrus notes that merge with the aroma of amber and sandalwood”.

The survey found that 52% of Spaniards associate the cold with the smell of a fireplace and firewood, while 28% of the population associate it with the smell of rain. 

The company also sought answers to what sound and with what images the Spaniards identify cold. It was found that 52% of Spaniards associate winter with the sound of rain, while 21% identified the sound of the wind. The sound of treading on snow came third with 19%.

Visually, 48% of the Spanish associate the cold with a snowy mountain and 32% with the picture of rain puddles. Third at 16% was a snowy city in winter.

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