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World heat pump market grows

World Heat Pump market, by product & volume, 2014

UK: The global heat pump market continues to grow with sales reaching $5.4bn (€4bn) in 2014, up 1.7% from 2013.

The latest research by UK market intelligence company BSRIA shows that the increase was driven by positive growth rates recorded in Europe and in North America. Meanwhile in Asia the market was curbed by the slowdown of the Chinese economy and an increase in competition leading to the increased pressure on prices in Japan. Despite the market pressure, Japan remains the biggest market worldwide, in terms of value, reaching around $1.4bn (€1bn) in 2014.

World Heat Pump market, by product & value, 2014

In volume terms, the global sales of hydronic heat pumps rose 16% in 2014 to almost 2.5 million units. According to BSRIA, rising product efficiency requirements and tighter building regulations and standards have been largely supporting the market. Monobloc air-to-water heat pumps represented the bulk of sales in 2014 driven principally by the demand from the Chinese market.

Another year of growth has been recorded for the air-to-water cylinder integrated heat pump water heaters. After posting a 26.5% increase in 2013 the heat pump water heater world market increased 28.8% in 2014; sales volumes accelerated the most in France and in the North American market reaching almost 280,900 units worldwide.

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