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World moves closer to HFC phase-down


17748340_lwebBANGKOK: The world moved closer to an HFC phase-down as last week’s 25th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol drew to a close.

While many hoped for more concrete progress towards addressing the HFC issue the Parties agreed that the Montreal Protocol’s technical and economic panel should prepare a report looking at the economic costs and environmental benefits of various scenarios of avoiding HFCs. It was also agreed to hold a workshop on the management of HFCs back to back with the next Montreal Protocol preparatory meeting.

This was despite India’s apparent u-turn by blocking detailed discussions of the proposals.

“In signaling their willingness to address HFCs in various high-level fora this year, global leaders have made an important statement of intent. Unfortunately, there was scant evidence of this from India in Bangkok this week,” commented Clare Perry, senior campaigner at the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).

“We’re struggling to understand how a commitment by Prime Minister Singh barely a month ago has not translated into concrete action in Bangkok,” she added.

The matter will be discussed again at the international climate conference (COP19) scheduled to take place in Warsaw, Poland in November.

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