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WRD swaps image amid BLM concerns

The Cooling Post continues as a main sponsor of World Refrigeration Day

UK: The main promotional image for this year’s World Refrigeration Day has been replaced after concerns were raised as to its suitability in the light of the current Black Lives Matter protests.

The use of a snow-covered chain depicting the cold chain and this year’s theme, Cold Chain 4 Life, on promotional material was deemed potentially unsuitable and has been replaced with a general snow scene.

Explaining the reason for the change, Steve Gill of the World Refrigeration Day (WRD) secretariat said: “It came to our attention yesterday from a sponsor in New York that this might not be the best time to use an image of an actual chain, given the heightened sensitivity around #BLM protests and the traditional and social media coverage worldwide.” 

He said there hadn’t been any specific complaint, nor any request to remove the chain image, but there were concerns it could be taken out of context and potentially distract from the inclusive nature of the day.

“A decision was therefore taken yesterday afternoon to remove the chain image from all our digital platforms and redistribute sponsors banners etc. Some printed material will still contain the image but we believe that we have done what we can under the circumstances,” he added.

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