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Ziehl-Abegg breaks ground on new factory


GERMANY: Fan and motor manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg has finally broken ground on its new €28m expansion of its Kupferzell production plant.

The building of this additional plant was first announced in May and is said to be a response to increasing worldwide demand for EC technology. The plans also include the transfer of EC production from its Künzelsau facility.

Construction, which was due to start in the summer, is said to have been delayed due to contractor work loads.

The relocation of the existing production facilities from Künzelsau will now take place at the end of 2017. This will be accompanied by the transfer of 140 jobs to the new building.

“Obviously, a relocation of place of work for those affected is often not easy,” said CEO Peter Fenkl. That’s why the decision was also not an easy one for the company. However, the existing site is already operating at full capacity, making further growth there impossible. “And there is clear evidence that this sector is growing.”

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