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Dental crown for Panasonic nanoe

UK: Panasonic’s nanoe X air cleaning technology is to deployed in 27 dental practices operated by Riverdale Healthcare to enhance protection for patients and staff.

Riverdale Healthcare, which operates a network of 27 dental practices, mainly in Yorkshire and the North East, will adopt air conditioning units using the Panasonic technology whenever new air-conditioning units are required or where units need to be replaced. 

Panasonic’s nanoe X technology has been shown to improve protection and inhibit the growth of certain viruses – including SARS CoV-2.

Following discussions between Craig Brooke, MD of Rotherham-based contractor Sub-Zero, and Ian Gordon, Riverdale Healthcare’s dental director, Riverdale Healthcare took the step of updating two of its practices with enhanced air conditioning and plan to expand this throughout its dental network.

“After a lot of research we knew that nanoe X would be the right fit for Riverdale and that Ian would appreciate the technology behind it. Both Ian and I looked into the research and test results carried out for nanoe X technology and were both happy with the inhibitory findings of the results and felt it could only be a positive investment for Riverdale.

“Early on during the first lockdown in the UK, advice was to not use air conditioning, which made everything very uncomfortable as we were working for long periods wearing all the extra PPE and with the soaring temperatures hitting record levels last summer,” explained Ian Gordon. “It therefore seemed logical to me to have air conditioning with some kind of filtration built into the units, so I was really interested in this idea.”

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