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Dublin DH network uses Mitsubishi heat pump and R1234ze

IRELAND: Ireland’s first low-carbon district heating network, recently opened in Tallaght, Dublin, is using a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump running on Honeywell’s low GWP HFO refrigerant R1234ze. 

Tallaght’s district heating system is 1.5km long and is initially heating 32,800m2 of public sector buildings including South Dublin Council’s County Hall building, the library complex and The Institute of Technology Tallaght. In 2024, 133 affordable rental apartments will be added to the network. 

The system utilises waste heat from a nearby Amazon Web Services data centre, free of cost, to provide low-carbon heating to commercial and residential customers. During normal operation, heat demand is fully covered by the data centre’s waste heat.

The heat pump and heat pump module with four compressors was supplied by Finnish heat recovery solutions provider in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric company Climaveneta. It has a heat recovery capacity of 2,120kW.

The heat network, which is owned and operated by Heatworks, Ireland’s first public not-for-profit energy company, was developed through a collaboration between South Dublin County Council, Finnish energy company Fortum and Dublin’s Energy Agency Codema.

According to Fortum, the network is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the South Dublin County area by nearly 1,500 tonnes per year.

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