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R404A replacement: latest news and updates

HDR-110-testupdateAs the search for alternatives to R404A and R507A hots up, keeping up to date with all the latest test results, news and information gets tougher. To aid your search, we have brought together all our recently published legislation news and test result information here.

Earlier in the year, we published information on the front-runners to replace these high GWP refrigerants, firstly with an article on the “drop-ins” for existing systems:

R404A – the alternatives


and then a look at some of the tests with the low GWP options:

407F-install-updateR404A – the low GWP options.


In March, we published news of a number of new refrigerants, including R404A/R507A alternatives, proposed as addenda in ASHRAE’s ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 34-2013:

ASHRAE proposes new R404A replacements


This was followed by news that the US was proposing to ban R404A and R507A in new equipment from 2016:

DuPont-updateUS could ban R404A from 2016


We have reported on the test results on some of these new refrigerants in the last few months:

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