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Star chillers meet Gist demands

UK: Two Star ammonia chillers are supplying the refrigeration load for a new temperature controlled storage and distribution centre in Chesterfield.

Opened at the beginning of 2018, the 90,000ft² logistics depot opened by food distribution company Gist serves company operations in the North East and Midlands. Gist, which is responsible for transporting millions of chilled and frozen food products daily, benefits from two state-of-the-art Azanechillers 2.0.

Gist required a cooling facility which had built-in redundancy to deliver continuous cooling, and reduced both direct and indirect carbon emissions. Star supplied two low charge ammonia Azanechillers 2.0, with a total capacity of 1,100 kW. The environmental credentials of ammonia means Gist Chesterfield is now set to remove 117 tons of CO2 per year when compared to the typical cooling demand of similar European coldstores.

In addition, the Azanechillers reduced ammonia charge, which can be as little as 10% of other ammonia circulation pump systems, increases site safety.

Star had just six weeks to complete the ambitious installation ahead of last year’s peak season, which is half the time expected for a project of this scale.

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