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Toshiba Carrier cools major zoo attraction

JAPAN: Toshiba Carrier has supplied a spot air conditioning system as a crowdfunded present for one of the biggest attractions at Chiba City zoo.

The Flexair spot cooler was installed in the red panda enclosure to celebrate the 20th birthday of Futa, a male red panda who became a national favourite and TV celebrity for his ability to stand upright on his hind feet. At the time, this feat drew about 6,000 visitors to the zoo each weekend and resulted in Futa’s appearance in a soft drink television advertisement. 

Red pandas originally inhabit the highlands of Asia such as Tibet, and are known to be vulnerable to the harsh summers of Japan.

Toshiba Carrier proposed a system using Flexair that can set the temperature and air volume according to the physical condition of the red pandas in the outdoor enclosure. The company has previously tested the Flexair system in the public viewing areas at the zoo.

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