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Trane heat pumps are top of the class

ITALY: Trane Technologies heat pumps have been instrumental in decarbonising the heating systems of 31 schools in the Italian district of Fiumicino.

Replacing gas boilers and electrifying the schools’ heating systems was part of a project to convert all schools in Fiumicino – a town in the city of Rome with a population of 80,500 – into carbon neutral, energetically sustainable and autonomous buildings.

In addition to the electrification of heating systems, the overall project including the installation of photovoltaic systems, replacement of lamps with new LED lights and the creation of a fully automated management system. 

Energy savings equivalent to around 650 tonnes of oil equivalent of heat and electricity, correspondent to the reduction of atmospheric emissions of almost 1,400 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The new, sustainable heating systems in Fiumicino’s schools are based on a total of 40 Trane Sintesis Advantage CXAF, Conquest CXAX and Cube CXB air-to-water heat pumps, which contribute to the overall emission reduction with an estimated average of up to 390 tonnes of CO2 per year.

“By rethinking how we manage our heating and cooling systems, and moving away from the historic, fossil fuel-driven approach, we can reset our course and radically reduce the emissions of our buildings,” said Louis Rompre, portfolio manager at Trane in Europe, Middle East and Africa. “With gains in the decarbonisation of the electricity grid, the future of how we heat our buildings must surely be electric, contributing to safer buildings and improving the air quality of our cities. Replacing gas boilers that contribute significantly to NOx and CO2 emissions worsening the air quality around schools is particularly important for the wellbeing of children and neighbours. 

“The decarbonisation project in Fiumicino, that Trane is proud to be part of, is a great example of how a Municipality can put existing technology to work to become one of the greenest districts in Italy,” said Rompre, Trane’s EMEA portfolio manager.

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