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AC900 BPHE for low-GWP refrigerants

SWEDEN: The Alfa Laval AC900 is described as a next generation, single-circuit brazed plate heat exchanger specially designed for low density, low GWP refrigerants. 

With its extra-large gas outlet port and DynaStatic distributor system, Alfa Laval says it is capable of covering capacities between 300 and 600kW in screw compressor chillers, industrial chillers and heat pump applications. It can be custom configured to deliver maximum performance, from partial to full load, in a range of applications. 

DynaStatic distribution is Alfa Laval’s most recent distribution system, making it easy to change the geometry inside the distributor. 

As the AC900 can manage larger than average capacities, it is said to create new possibilities in applications where shell-and-tube heat exchangers currently dominate. It also requires a much lower refrigerant charge and is more compact.

Alfa Laval

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