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Air conditioning pipe insulation achieves high fire rating

LUXEMBOURG: Armacell’s new Tubolit Split and DuoSplit pre-insulated pipes for air conditioning and heat pump systems are said to have achieved one of the highest fire performance ratings.

The new Euroclass BL-s1,d0 fire performance certification demonstrates that, in the event of a fire, Tubolit Split and DuoSplit generate no, or very little, smoke in the first 10 minutes and no flaming particles, giving inhabitants time to safely evacuate. It is one of the highest ratings available and means that the products meet all UK building regulations and so are suitable for use in a wide range of environments, the company says.

Pre-insulated with Armacell’s Tubolit closed-cell polyethylene, Tubolit Split and DuoSplit are designed for both domestic and commercial use. They can be used to connect the indoor and outdoor components of split and multi-split air-conditioning systems and air-source heat pumps. 

Tubolit Split is a single pre-insulated copper pipe. DuoSplit is a pair of flow-and-return pipes for use when the two follow the same route.

The insulation has a textured, adhesive finish, which allows contractors to quickly and easily join and separate pipes without the application of glue. 

The polyolefin-copolymer coating makes Tubolit Split and DuoSplit resistant to mechanical corrosion, whilst also offering protection against UV radiation. Its closed-cell composition limits the formation of condensation, thus preventing drainage systems from becoming overwhelmed.

They are available in lengths of 20m, 25m and 50m. 


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