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Airedale adds R32 heat pump chiller 

UK: Airedale by Modine has added a modular, free-cooling R32 heat pump chiller to its new series of cooling solutions.

MultiChill is said to offer flexibility and efficiency as a smaller capacity heat pump chiller with modularity built into its design. With individual unit capacities between 53kW and 103kW, up to 16 MultiChill heat pump chillers can be connected on the same water circuit, delivering up to 1360kW of installed capacity. This can be done at the point of installation or added later.

The new machine is the latest result of an OEM agreement signed with Midea-owned Italian chiller  manufacturer Clivet, which has also seen the recent introduction of Clivet-designed iChill and SpiraChill models.

The part-load efficiency benefits of MultiChill are said to be further enhanced when installed in a modular configuration, with the system able to comfortably operate within 2-100% of available cooling capacity. Adjusting the output of each unit is achieved via a single advanced microprocessor.

According to Airedale, MultiChill delivers an SEER of up to 4.89 (cooling only) and a SCOP of up to 4.08 (heat pump). The unit can operate in three modes: free cooling, part free cooling or full mechanical cooling, depending on the ambient temperature.

Operational in ambient temperatures from −25°C (cooling only) and −15°C (heat pump) and up to 48°C, MultiChill can be used in both process and comfort applications, including data centres, commercial buildings and industrial units. With three different sound configurations, MultiChill delivers low noise performance, suitable for urban installation.

With space-saving, inner city projects in mind, the frame design has been specially developed to minimise its footprint. MultiChill has an integrated system tank, the coils are positioned within a case so the units can sit closer together in a restrictive plant space, and air flow is optimised for minimum clearance.


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