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Aspen tank pump offers MAX benefits

UK: Aspen Pumps’ new easy to install MAX Hi-Flow tank pump is designed to replace all the company’s existing tank pumps, the 0.5l, 1l and 2l Hi-Flow.

Claimed to offer best in class performance and build-quality, the MAX Hi-Flow is also said to be the quietest in the market. The pump’s motor and impeller have been configured to achieve an operating noise level of 44dB(A).

Its low profile of only 134mm high x 144mm wide x 285mm long, makes for simple installation of the MAX Hi-Flow in shallow ceiling voids.

Ease of installation and servicing are major features of the new pump. It is equipped with multiple mounting clips, a built-in spirit level, and offers simple plug and play connection. In addition, a quick release reservoir allows the unit to be serviced while still attached to either the wall or rod mounts. It also carries IP24 rating.

Aspen Pumps

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