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Barkell adds UV coil disinfection

UK: Air handling unit manufacturer Barkell has announced the launch of LightGuard, a UV coil cleaning solution.

LightGuard uses UV-C radiation at a wavelength of 264nm, invisible to the human eye but said to be extremely effective at disinfection. UV-C can inactivate microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi by preventing them from infecting and replicating.

The UV-C lamps used by LightGuard are installed downstream of the cooling coil and use a photon concentrator which focuses up to 95% of the UV energy produced onto the coil. 

UV-C is claimed to be effective against many types of bacteria (eg listeria, tuberculosis, MRSA, e-coli, legionella), fungi (eg yeast, mould) and viruses (adenoviruses, influenza, norovirus and coronavirus). 

Installation is said to be simple and the lamps are low energy, requiring replacement only once a year. Markell says it can be fitted in just about any new or existing air handling unit.


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