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Bock small capacity CO2 compressors

GERMANY: The new HGX24 CO2 T range expands GEA Bock’s semi-hermetic CO2 compressor for small capacity requirements in transcritical applications. 

Cooling capacities range from 5 to 26kW and heating capacities from 10 to 48kW for stationary and mobile use in applications for supermarkets, commercial and small industrial refrigeration systems as well as for air conditioning and heat pumps in buses and trains.

These new gas-cooled compressors are said to achieve the highest EER/COP values within their application spectrum – with up to 5% higher efficiency in standard medium cooling compared to commercially available compressors in this segment. 

The new compressors are introduced this month after extensive internal testing and in numerous field tests.

For special subcritical requirements in low temperature applications with high operating and standstill pressures, the semi-hermetic Bock CO2 compressor programme will offer the specifically designed low temperature cooling variant HGX24 CO2 LT with two motor versions from June 2021.

GEA Bock

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