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Bracket makes window units safer

TopShelf-bracketUSA: A US manufacturer has produced a bracket to prevent window air conditioners falling and injuring passers-by.

Considering the huge numbers of window air conditioners installed around the world, many in densely populated urban areas, incidences of window units falling and injuring pedestrians below are rare, but they do occur.

The incidents normally occur as a result of improperly installed units. The TopShelf A/C Bracket was created to solve the problem.

The TopShelf A/C Bracket installs in just minutes and also, according to the manufacturer, adds the benefit of convenience and durability to owners and tenants of co-ops, condos, apartments and homeowners anywhere since it requires no drilling, tools, fasteners, or hardware.

The TopShelf A/C Bracket can be adjusted to fit myriad window sizes, supports window air conditioning units up to 200lbs (90kg), and avoids damage to the structure and window sills. It can also easily be removed when moving.


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