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Carel Heos becomes “natural” choice

ITALY: Carel has developed a new version of its Heos water loop system for refrigerated display cases that is compatible with both “natural” and synthetic low-GWP refrigerants.

Heos is the Carel high-efficiency solution for managing refrigerated showcases that, rather than the classic architecture with a compressor rack serving the showcases via long refrigerant distribution lines, offers a solution comprising plug-in cabinets fitted with variable-capacity DC inverter compressors cooled by a water loop. Energy savings of 25% are said to be possible when compared to standard DX refrigeration systems, and 20% greater savings compared to on-off water loop systems.

“With this new solution, we have brought together the results of years of innovation both in the use of natural refrigerants and of DC inverter technology, in a system that maximises the benefits of both,” commented Carel business unit manager Diego Malimpensa.

Heos includes DC compressors specifically designed to maximise energy efficiency at partial loads, while providing a wide range of speed modulation that facilitates better temperature control with less fluctuation. An electronic expansion valve further elevates energy savings by efficiently modulating refrigerant flow in the evaporator coils. A control board dynamically manages the system’s various components – compressor, expansion valve, fans – via implementation of advanced algorithms, with diagnostics that streamline both system startup and maintenance.


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