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Carel’s one-size-fits-all EEV

ITALY: Carel’s new range of ExV-Z electronic expansion valves features just one valve body for all sizes.

In an effort to improve usability and simplify installation, the refrigerant expansion section of the new valve is separate from the body connected to the piping.

“The result is that now the right valve size can be chosen directly in the field, thus optimising logistics, installation and maintenance,” said Andrea Dalan, Carel’s valves, drivers & flow control platform manager.

In addition to the stepper motor technology that is said to ensure precise, stable and reliable refrigerant flow control, the main features of the valve are a replaceable built-in filter that simplifies inspection, and the use of a new stator with IP69K protection, allowing installation in environments with extreme temperature and humidity conditions.

The ExV range offers the widest range of valves with stepper motors, with cooling capacities from 1 to over 2000W. The new ExV-Z is compatible with CO2.


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